The Welsh language (Cymraeg) is central to the culture and history of Ceredigion and Cymru (Wales as you may know it). The number of 'Welsh' speakers has been falling over the years and by now only 47.3% of the population of Ceredigion are 'Welsh' speakers. One of the reasons for this is the out migration from Ceredigion which then creates vaccum for the immigration from England to the area.

More often than not the place names in Ceredigion tells us heaps about that particular place, unless the name has been changed to English names by English colonists or Anglicised by English colonists.

Saith – The name Saith in Tresaith comes from the old name for Sant (Saint) – Saith, or you could believe this story about the sisters from Ireland

General history of the area

The woollen industry

History of Aberteifi

Lime kilns (odynnau calch) can be seen right along the coast of Ceredigion – ones can be clearly seen at Cwmtydu and Llangrannog. Aberporth and Cei Newydd used to have ship building companies, shipping insurance companies etc.

Yr Arglwydd Rhys (Aberteifi?

Ceredig ap Cunedda – the person who traditionally established the kingdom of Ceredgion

Bois y Cilie

Eluned Phillips

T Llew Jones

Dewi Emrys

More information about the history and culture of the area can be seen under Attractions

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