Tresaith Hostel – sleeps up to 44 people

The Hostel was originally Tresaith’s church. The original building has been extended and provides spacious accommodation with room for up to 44 people to sleep. It has two dormitory rooms, one with bunk beds for 20 boys / men, and another with 20 bunk beds for girls / women. There are two smaller rooms next to each of the two dorms where the teachers / leaders can stay with some privacy.

There is a large dining area / living area next to an industrial kitchen. The hostel is well provided with washrooms and showers separately designated for men and women.

The hostel is situated in the middle of the picturesque coastal village of Tresaith. It lies only 200 yards from the beach along a footpath that goes through the middle of the village.

Who can stay?

We welcome groups, organizations, schools, church groups, families and groups of friends at the hostel. It is a perfect place for such groups to enjoy Tresaith’s tranquility. You may wish to read the testimonials of other people’s experience of their stay. There is a minimum stay of 2 nights with a minimum number of 10 people per night.

What should we bring?

The Hostel is self catering. There is a large fridge and a large freezer in the kitchen, so bring plenty of food. There is a gas oven, deep fat fryer, potato peeling machine and a dish washer. You will need to bring your own bed clothes (for single beds), sleeping bags or blankets. Pillows are provided but not pillow cases. Towels are not provided.


There is room for up to three mini buses outside the Hostel. If you need more space please let us know beforehand and we can keep space for parking in our car park next to the beach.

Tresaith Hostel Prices:

It costs only £12 per person, per night to stay at Tresaith Hostel. Electric, heating and gas are provided for no extra charge.

A discount is given to a group of Welsh learners (e.g. CYD), secondary Welsh bilingual schools, Sunday Schools and Christian groups.

01239 811 565    heledd@tresaith.net    07780 548 288